Course Description


The Dance Program at IJA utilizes a conservatory approach where students’ dance education will include various styles of dance, choreography, dance history, & performance opportunities.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will be exposed to general movement, jazz, hip hop, tap, gymnastics, & cultural dances. These students will get thirty minutes to one hour of dance per week for one trimester. The students will have the opportunity to perform at the close of that trimester.

Students in the Visual & Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) that have chosen dance as their specialty course of study will:

  • attend class four times per week,
  • be trained extensively in: ballet, jazz, & contemporary styles.
  • be exposed to tap, hip hop, gymnastics, & cultural dances.
  • attend at least one professional performance during the school year.
  • study dance history and be expected to complete one research project throughout the school year. The research project topics will include: dancer health, dance styles, and accomplished dancers.
  • perform in at least two showcases throughout the year.
  • be expected to choreograph a piece during their eighth grade year to showcase their growth as a performer and artist.

Since there are many benefits to dance and this program is a privilege, students will be expected to be in good academic and behavioral standing. If a student should fail to uphold their academics, we will schedule a cluster meeting that will include the student, parent/guardian, teacher, and myself to determine the best academic plan that will assist him/her.