Ms. M. Koide

2013 - 2014​

hip hop

~6th - 8th Grade Dance Academy~
"Trouble Makers"

Students are currently working on a Project Based Learning assignment. They are working with 2-4 students. The goal is for the students to tell a story through dance. With their group members, students are responsible for:

  1. picking a story,
  2. picking music, and
  3. choreographing a 1-minute dance routine using the dance genre of their choice


~Ms. Koide competing at Miss California in 2004.~



Dance shoes may be purchased at the following locations: Payless Shoe Source, Victoria’s Dance and Costumes on Race Street, Capezio at Valco Mall, Target, or Discount Dance.
  1. Black jazz shoes AND black tap shoes REQUIRED by Monday, October 14th (ballet shoes optional),
  2. Fitted clothing,
  3. for girls - tights & leotards or leggings/shorts & shirts,
  4. for boys – sweats or shorts with t-shirts, and
  5. Hair tied back in a pony tail.

The Arts Education Partnership says dance benefits students by helping them with creative thinking, originality, elaboration & flexibility; it also improves expressive skills, social tolerance, self-confidence and persistence.  As a lifelong dancer myself, I also know that dance has taught me time management skills, discipline, and teamwork. Ida Jew Academies is pleased to be able to offer this unique program and I welcome you and your student to VAPA!